Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to start my project?

Your Vision: - Any pictures you have of what you're looking for or what type of building you have. - Measurements of your vehicle, window, or site. (You can always request a survey) - Type of preferred materials. - Existing artwork for your project.

What type of files will you need from me?

All projects are different, but we will most commonly need: digital artwork (if already designed). Logos should be supplied as vector art.

What is Vector Art?

If your logo or artwork was design by a professional graphic designer, you should have received it in one of the following formats:.pdf, eps, ai,.svg. If you don't have access to any of these, we may be able to rebuild it as vector art for a fee.

Common formats that are not vector are:.jpg,.tiff,.psd,.png, .gif.

What is your typical lead time?

Many variables can determine the production time. However, there are many things the client can do to help achieve the fastest possible turnaround time. Small Production Items - Decals, yard signs, and vinyl lettering can take up to one week in production. Sign Design, Fabrication, and Installation - Once a deposit is put down by the costumer, production can take anywhere from four to six weeks.

Can you expedite my project's production?

In most cases, yes. Depending on our current priority capacity, you can jump the queue for an additional fee. This will only mark your project as priority in order over others. It does not mean that we will rush the fabrication, or do anything that may compromise the quality of the product.

Another sign company quoted a lower price for the same product. Can you match it?

We can try, but the reality is that it's not the same product. Also, the prices we estimate are usually the lowest we can go, given the attention-to-detail our standards require.

Who is in charge of pulling a permit for my sign?

This can vary depending on the type of project, but in most cases we will workto ensure your sign has the appropriate permit before we begin production. Fees vary from region to region.

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