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Custom Carved, Hand Painted

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

When St. Mary's County Emergency Services recently contacted Hilltop Signs & Graphics to create a new exterior sign for their location. We knew our signage would be more than something hung on a building. Emergency Services wanted a sign that would represent their division while emphasizing their mission and goal.

St. Mary's County Emergency Services is the primary liaison between St. Mary’s County Government, Fire Departments, Rescue Squads, St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office and the Maryland State Police.

We completed a custom carved and hand painted sign for St. Mary's County Emergency Services. The sign was carved out of high density urethane (HDU). This material is a flexible, durable, material that gives you the freedom to get creative with any project.

The sign was hand painted to create a vibrant visual effect. Custom sign painting is one of the most creative methods of sign making, it provides lasting color for 10-15 years. To finish, the custom sign was covered with a clear top coat.

It was a privilege to work with St. Mary's County Emergency Services and we thank them for their service.

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