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Spotlight Series - Luckydog Ice

Welcome to Luckdog Ice! Robbie Gilbert, Amanda Purcell, and Luckydog's 3 employees started their engine this past May (2020). They serve freshly shaved ice with a variety of flavors all over St. Mary's and Calvert County.

Hilltop Signs and Graphics had the pleasure of working with Luckydog Ice to design their logo and transform their mobile snow cone bus!

We interviewed Robbie to talk about Luckydog Ice since its opening.

Why did you start Luckydog Ice?

"We were looking for something fun to do and less stress than our full-time jobs. We have had multiple friends talk about snowballs from Baltimore, Texas even Louisiana; we started searching the market and realized there was nothing really like what we wanted to do. We took the idea and ran with it!"

How did you get started?

"We bought a short bus! I started gutting the entire thing, putting a new floor, cabinets, etc.. Working hand in hand with the health department to make sure I didn’t put anything in there that wouldn’t pass since I was so new to this whole thing. There were some long, hard days but looking back- I can’t wait to build out another one."

Where do you see your business in the next five years?

"In the next five years, I hope our business continues to grow and gain the following I see us having. I am also hoping to have a few more units built out!"

What is your personal favorite flavor or type of snow cone you sell?

"My personal favorite would be Green Apple and Strawberry but if you ask Amanda hers is Egg Custard and Marshmallow topping."

What have you enjoyed the most since opening?

"Honestly, all of it. It is very rewarding to see all our hard work pay off and actually see the wheels to Luckydog Ice hit the road. Along with that, seeing familiar faces come and find us at different locations is just a whole different feeling. You create connections with people who no longer just become customers. They’re now friends and they’ll never know the gratitude we have towards them."

When Luckdog Ice came to Hilltop with this project, we started by learning more about Robbie and his background. After brainstorming, Mike came up with a unique vision to incorporate Robbie's firefighting profession. They talked about the concept of fire and ice, firetrucks, and a firefighter dog mascot. Then our graphic designer, Katie, took the concept and brought it to life!

Hilltop then produced and installed the wrap for their truck. Check out our video on the Luckdog Ice wrap here:

Since the wrap, we have also created business cards and a menu board Luckydog Ice can put out when they get to their location.

We wish Luckydog Ice the very best!

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